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Full Day Menus

Comfort 4

-  69.00

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Comfort 5

-  82.00

SKU: 001-4 Category:
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Energy + 2800/3000

-  89.00

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Detox 1000/1200


SKU: 001-2-3-1-2 Category:
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Fast Line Menu 800/1000

-  44.00

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Slim Menu 1000/1200

-  49.00

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Daily Menu 1400/1600

-  59.00

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Balance Menu 1800/2000

-  69.00

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Energy Menu 2400/2600

-  79.00

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Thank you very much for everything. I lost 4.4 kg, which is a very good result, considering that my weight is already low and it is impossible to lose more.

Sofo Nizharadze / Facebook

For those who have a busy schedule like me and cannot eat healthily, I highly recommend the company Avocado. It is very convenient and can be brought anywhere, and most importantly, all dishes are calorically balanced and very delicious

Irakli Makatsaria / Facebook

Eye eats before mouth’, now I can admit that this phrase is true, Thanks for the most delicious food and The food is perfect and the portions are more than I expected I loved the experience Definitely not the last time to order from you it is really beyond my expectations!!!

Marwa Shazly ELkarabawy