An introduction to the healthy eating world

An introduction to the healthy eating world

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle  in the modern world is a big challenge.

The biggest problem is lack of time and being constant in fast paced mode. Rest time at the end of a tiring week is so precious that we struggle to find time to cook at home or go to the gym. Instead, we’ll sit back in a soft chair, turn on our favorite movie, and with a guilty conscience we’ll treat ourselves to a pizza or a burger called by the delivery service.

However, if nature has gifted us with great willpower and we decided to eat right, here we face another problem: a world full of unfiltered information, where the word diet is synonymous with hunger, and where one person’s specific routine has become a universal formula for weight control.

Even in this case, we are not doing something good for our body – at the end of the day, after we have eaten a can of matsoni or 3 apples, we return to our soft chair and our favorite movie with a snack in hand.

In these confusing diets and routines, the best indicator of useful and harmful products is your own intuition and minimal knowledge. For example, there is such a term “empty calories”. This refers to foods that contain very little or almost no necessary vitamins and minerals.

Tip: Read the product description to identify such foods. If they contain solid fats and sugar, they have nothing to do with healthy food. Such foods are:

  • Packaged biscuits, chocolate bars and similar types of sweets;
  • Carbonated, the so-called sports and natural drinks that contain added sugar;
  • meat products in the form of sausage, and bacon;
  • Fast food products – pizza, burgers, french fries, milkshakes, etc.

As for intuition – no one can tell us better than ourselves what we need and what we enjoy to eat the most.

According to the School of Public Health of Harvard University, the best way to „fuel our bodies“ is to eat a balanced diet full of colorful fruits and vegetables, with protein, and healthy fats. Such food fills us with useful calories, which we burn as energy released during the day.

Talking about calories leads back to knowledge, but this time it’s about knowing yourself. However, in this case, intuition or information found on the Internet cannot help us.

When it comes to an action plan based on accurate data, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Leave it to people who act with an individual approach and help us to prepare a useful diet.

Avocado team contains such professionals. People who will accurately study your data, calculate the number of calories you need and, most importantly, provide you with the healthiest meals tailored to your taste throughout the day.