Why we choose avocado

Save your time!

You do not have to count calories, come up with new recipes, go to the market, buy products, prepare, redistribute during the day, do the dishes, and so on. It will be done by a highly professional team of “Avocado” instead.

You are not counting calories anymore!

We count calories instead of you. We offer menus of 800-3000 calories, which will help you achieve the desired goal – become and maintain weight or gain muscle mass.

You don’t feel hungry anymore!

Hunger mainly bothers us when we eat poorly balanced foods or our diet does not include protein, complex carbohydrates and fiber. All the necessary macro elements are balanced in “Avocado” dishes. You eat at least three or four times a day, you do not feel hungry, your body receives all the necessary substances and you start losing weight at the expense of a balanced diet.

You are eating ecologically clean, natural products

We are our dishes with natural, non-genetically modified vegetables and veterinary-sanitary meats.


You will enjoy a variety of different dishes

Our professional chefs take care that every dish has distinctive taste qualities. We use different ingredients to create new dishes and flavours. Also, we update the entire ratio very often.